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Album N°9 "Gigstreet VIII"

Album 8 " Smile Again "

Album 7 " Bad Boys "

Album 6 "Mr Blair prése..."

Album 5 "Nice & Streetly"

Album 4 " Maraboutés "

Album 3 " III "

Album 2 " Live "

Album 1 " Street "

After a chance encounter in Basel Switzerland in 1997, Leonard Blair and Claude Bonnet formed the group “Gig Street” in the summer of 1998. They played as a duo until 1999 when they were joined by bassist, Stephane Loyau. Gianni Mozzillo joined the group in 2002 when Stephane left to form his own group.

Although they are from different backgrounds, the members of Gig Street have in mind one goal to dust off the stale and undeserved image of New Orleans style music with an original and energetic approach.

This approach is clearly defined in their first album “Gig Street” where one can hear their signature Euro-American swing. Since the addition of Gianni Mozzillo in 2002, one also witnesses the advent of this unique and recognizable sound.

Until recently, one could find the group playing the provincial markets of southern France (Drôme,Vaucluse, Gard, Bouches du Rhône). Beginning in 2009 can be seen playing in the bars, cafes and music halls of the very same region. One can still see the group in L'isle sur la Sorgue market on Sundays during the summer season (May through October).

Gianni Mozzillo

Leonard Blair

Vittorio Silvestri

Vittorio Silvestri


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